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Minggu, 06 November 2011

Gedung Joang '45 or Joang '45 Museum

Joang '45 Museum is one museum in Jakarta. Currently management implemented by the Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta. The museum is located at Jalan Menteng 31, Village Kebon Sirih, District of Menteng, Central Jakarta. The museum was inaugurated in 1974 by President Soeharto, after being renovated.

This can be seen in the museum traces the struggle of independence of Indonesia with a collection of relics of the warrior Indonesia. Among them are the official car of President and First Vice President, known as car number REP 1 and REP 2. In addition there is also a collection of photos of the documentation and paintings that depict the struggle around the year 1945-1950's. Some figures appear also in the form of struggle statues chest.

Source : http://jakarta-tourism.go.id/content/id/296/museum-joang-45

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